MBBS in Caribbean Island Medical Degree 2021

MBBS in Caribbean Island is the leading destination for the students who wish to pursue their medical course. It is a popular place to explore new things and have a lifetime experience by studying MBBS in Caribbean Island. The students are given higher education in a safe and pleasant environment.

The Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions acts as a catalyst for collaboration and cooperation in the field of higher education. So, MBBS in Caribbean Island helps the students to pursue medical degree programs with more exploration and gains more determination in living with a new environment.

Why Study Medicine / MBBS in Caribbean Island

MBBS in Caribbean Island gives world-class education to the students. The admission process is very simple without capitation and donation for any of the medical courses. The entire medical course is offered at a low cost with high and standard quality to all the students.

This suits the medical aspirants expecting affordable fee structured medical education. There are no entrance tests like TOEFL and IELTS conducted for admission.

The faculty members are highly experienced in preparing students with improved clinical skills and enriched medical knowledge.

English is the medium of instruction followed in the medical colleges of Caribbean University. A personalized experience is given by the low-student ratio of teaching.

The medical colleges are equipped with the latest technologies and MBBS in Caribbean Island is offered with the standard curriculum.

This curriculum helps the students in clearing the screening tests like MCI, USMLE, FMGE, PLAB, AMC, etc. The students are nurtured with good clinical rotations to get trained in medicine by thinking and understanding the concepts. The medical colleges excel in producing a high success rate in clearing the screening tests.

MBBS in Caribbean Island is the leading hotspot for the medical course. So, MBBS in Caribbean Island produces doctors with excellent skills in the medical field and they are eligible to work anywhere across the globe.

Tuition Fee of MBBS in Caribbean Island

The medical colleges in Caribbean Island provide the medical course at an affordable cost. The cost spent on the MBBS course is US$ 3500 – 4800 approximately. This makes the students chose Caribbean Island for pursuing their MBBS in Caribbean Island. The affordable cost and the quality of education are the main features of the MBBS course in Caribbean Island.


MBBS Fee of Lincoln American University

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year
Tuition fee (USD) 11000 6000 6000 6000 6000
Total fee (USD) 35000 USD
Air Ticket will be charged as per Actuals
Food Expenses: 100 USD (Approx) Per Month
Accommodation Charges: 200 USD (Approx) Per Month

MBBS Fee of Victoria University of Barbados

Year of Study Tuition fee (USD) Food (USD) Accommodation (USD) INR (Approx..)
First Year 8000 1200 1300 682,500
Second Year  8000 1200 1300 682,500
Third Year 7000 1200 1300 617,500
Fourth Year 6000 1200 1300 552,500
Fifth Year 6000 1200 1300 552,500
Total fee 35,000 6000 6500 30,87,500
Admission Charge 1000 USD for 1st Year Only
Air Ticket will be charged as per Rate Applicable
Processing Charge 1000 USD for 1st Year Only

MBBS Fee of Bridgetown International University

Year of Study Tuition fee (USD) Food (USD) Accommodation (USD) INR (Approx..)
First Year 8000 1200 1300 682,500
Second Year  8000 1200 1300 682,500
Third Year 7000 1200 1300 617,500
Fourth Year 6000 1200 1300 552,500
Fifth Year 6000 1200 1300 552,500
Total fee 35,000 6000 6500 30,87,500
Admission Charge 1000 USD for 1st Year Only
Air Ticket will be charged as per Rate Applicable
Processing Charge 1000 USD for 1st Year Only



MBBS in Caribbean Island offers a medical course with a duration of 5 years. The basic science program lasts for 2 years and the remaining years are completed with the clinical studies with the training in the hospitals

There are various reasons why you should apply to the top-notch medical colleges in the Caribbean Islands. For Indian students, the opportunity of studying in a good US medical college is far better rather than expending huge money on the management quota seats in any Indian private medical college. For Indian aspirants who do not want to give up on their dream of becoming a doctor and want to reach their epitome of success, Caribbean Islands offers a good place for students to indulge in world-class education, cutting edge infrastructure, perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and the natural surroundings, delighting the students in overall development.


Medicine is multidisciplinary and covers a wide range of fields. Students must know all the fields but will be allowed to later specialize in one particular field. The following is an inexhaustive list of examples:

Anesthesiology  Total care of the patient before, during, and after surgery. This involves the patient’s pain management, resuscitation, and intensive care.
Cardiology Deals with disorders and abnormalities of the heart and circulatory system.
Emergency Medicine Cares for patients with illnesses or injuries that required immediate medical attention to prevent death or permanent disabilities.
Neurology Deals with disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.
Obstetrics & Gynecology Cares for the health of the female reproductive organs and the management of pregnancy.
Orthopedics Correction of impairments of the skeletal system which includes the spinal structures, muscles, and ligaments.
Pathology The causes and effects of diseases including laboratory examination, diagnosis, and forensic.
Pediatrics The medical care of infants, children, and adolescents.
Psychiatry Deals with the disorders of the mind, emotion, and behavior.
Surgery The use of instrumental techniques to investigate and treat diseases and injuries, and repair bodily functions from damage.


Most of the medical universities in Caribbean Island are accredited and recognized by the following organizations:

The World Directory of Medical Schools(WDMS)

Medical Council of India (MCI) and FAIMER


1st Year Subjects 2nd Year Subjects 3rd Year Subjects 4th Year Subjects 5th Year Subjects
Basic Mechanisms Of Diseases Epidemiology And Biostatistics Medicine Posting Medicine Posting Medicine Posting
Genetics, Immunology And Molecular Medicine Gastro-Intestinal System And Nutrition Surgery Posting Surgery Posting Surgery Posting
Cardiovascular System Musculoskeletal System Obstetrics & Gynaecology Posting Primary Care Posting Obstetrics And Gynaecology Posting
Haematology System Urinary System Paediatrics Posting Orthopaedics Posting Paediatrics Posting
Respiratory System Nervous System Primary Care Medicine Posting Psychiatry Posting Orthopaedics Posting
Reproductive System Dermatology Posting Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Critical And Palliative Care Medicine Psychiatry Posting
Endocrine And Metabolism Community Health Posting Ophthalmolgy, And Otorhinolaryngology
Forensic Medicine

What are the entry requirements for MBBS in Caribbean Island?

International Baccalaureate (IB): 30 points with a minimum of 2 Science subjects/ Mathematics at Higher Level (HL) & 1 Science subject at Standard Level (SL) & minimum score of 4 each in Biology & Chemistry & Physics/Mathematics

Indian Pre-University: Average of 70% in any 3 subjects (Biology & Chemistry & & Physics/Mathematics)

STPM/A-Levels: Grades BBB, ABC or AAC in 3 subjects (Biology & Chemistry & Physics/Mathematics)

English Proficiency (Minimum): Band 4 in MUET (Local Candidates)/Band 6 in IELTS/550 in TOEFL (International Candidates)

Application Process and Document Required for Caribbean Island

The following documents are to be carried before taking admission to Georgian Medical Colleges.

  • Passport (Minimum 12 month validity).
  • 10th Certificate & Mark sheet.
  • 12th Certificate & Mark sheet.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport size Photographs
  • The official invitation letter from the Medical University of Caribbean Island.
  • All the documents with authorization from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • All the Documents with legalization from the European Embassy.
  • Visa and Application fees
  • The bank receipt of the 1st year Tuition fee of the University.

The Admission procedure for studying MBBS in Caribbean Island is very simple, basic, and direct. Students are advised to read the mentioned points to avoid any kind of rejection. Please do follow the steps given below:

  • Fill the application form of the desired institute with all the correct details.
  • An offer letter will be given and preserve it for future use.
  • Pay the expense for the enrolment at University/College.
  • Apply for the visa, after the payment is done to your required medical college in Russia.
  • Get a Visa for studying MBBS in Caribbean Island.
  • Finally, book a flight to Caribbean Island and the process gets over.

Benefits of Study Abroad MBBS in Caribbean Island?

  • Medium of Instruction is English
  • Affordable Tuition Fee
  • Low cost of Living
  • No Entrance Exam
  • Indian Food Available
  • Scholarship provided on Merit basis
  • Advance Academic Curriculum
  • Students are highly Safe and Secure
  • Global Job Opportunities
  • Guidance for MCI Screening Test
  • Internship in student’s home country or abroad
  • Admission in the Top Ranked Universities

What are the advantages of studying MBBS in Caribbean Island

  1. MBBS in Caribbean Island assures holistic evaluation of the students.
  2. The admission in the medical universities in Caribbean Island is so simple and easy.
  3. English as the medium of instruction.
  4. Medical program at affordable cost and low cost of living.
  5. The students are get accelerated MBBS study.
  6. The students are given clinical training at rotations in good hospitals.
  7. The medical colleges result in a high success rate of clearing the MCI screening test.
  8. The graduation degree is recognized anywhere on the globe.
  9. Caribbean Island is the tropical Paradise for all the students.